Meet Shane, our CEO

We're Bringing Mattress Production Back to Jacksonville

     "On May 3, 1901, downtown Jacksonville was devastated by what started out as a small kitchen fire. As the kitchen fire began to grow, some Spanish moss next to a nearby mattress factory became engulfed by flames which then spread rapidly throughout the downtown area. In just 8 hours, the fire had made its way through 146 city blocks and had destroyed over 2,000 buildings. Seven people were killed during the fire and about 10,000 more were left without homes. The Great Fire of 1901 ended up being one of the worst disasters in Florida history." ¹


     In 2020, due to supply chain constraints brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, we decided to bring mattress manufacturing back to Jacksonville 121 years later.

These days, it's hard to find a good supplier who can make sure you're taken care of on multiple fronts.

Lead times are more important than ever.

Quality assurance is more important than ever.

Customer service is more important than ever.

Competitive pricing is more important than ever.

Made in the USA is more important than ever.

We're committed to delivering on unbeatable quality, lead times, service, and pricing - and it's all made here in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.